How Important Is Posture Correction for Your Health?

Posted in Health Conditions on Jun 17, 2022

One of the main reasons for back pain, stiff neck, and various other unpleasant symptoms is poor posture. Many of us are not aware that we are slouching or bending over the desk or the smartphone. Workers may not be aware that they do not have a correct posture when they perform repetitive physical activities. In our clinic, many patients coming with various complaints need the same procedure: posture correction.

What Exactly Is Posture?

Simply put, posture is how we carry our body when we are standing, sitting, and lying down. The position of your muscles, joints, and bones affects everything you do:

•    How you walk

•    How you breathe

•    How your skeleton forms, in the case of children and teenagers.

Good posture is when your body stands straight against gravity. This is the natural way a human being should stand. When you have a good posture, your muscles are relaxed and your joints are aligned. You do not feel that you are putting up any special effort to stand up straight.

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The Modern Lifestyle Has a Negative Impact on Posture

Most people are now working in offices. Manual labor has been replaced by various machines and robots, so we can use the most special gift we have: the mind. We can program machines to work for us, invent new products to make our life easier – all these while sitting down at a desk and working on the computer. Unfortunately, this has a major negative impact on our health. A significant percentage of people are not maintaining a correct posture at the desk. They do not adjust their chair properly and do not use a desk that has the correct height for their body type.

Moreover, we are leading less active lives than decades ago, choosing the car to take us everywhere instead of walking. For this, and various other reasons, many people need posture correction as a solution to the different types of pain and discomfort they experience.

How Can Chiropractors Help with Posture Correction?

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Let us now get to the part you are really interested in: how can you correct your posture by going to a chiropractor? In our clinic, we take a multidisciplinary approach to this issue, including:

1. Chiropractic Adjustments

Adjustments may be needed, especially in advanced cases of text neck (an unnatural curvature of the upper spine, caused by bending over mobile phone screens for a long time).  Our chiropractors will identify any misalignments in the spine and correct them in time, using the most adequate techniques.

For instance, we know that some people have an aversion to the popping sound which takes place during spinal adjustments. While it is absolutely safe, many patients state that it makes them feel afraid that their spine is cracking. Knowing this, our chiropractors will adjust their manipulations to avoid the popping sound.

2. Physical Therapy

After several months or years of poor posture, your muscles are tense and have lost their flexibility and strength. Thus, as part of posture correction, our chiropractors will add physical therapy, including specialized massages, to your therapy plan.

Our aim is to relax the tense muscles, improve the blood flow, and help you maintain a correct posture effortlessly. Your chiropractor will also teach you various exercises and stretching routines you can do at home, in the morning, or before you start an intense physical activity.

3. Teaching You How to Maintain Correct Posture

Chiropractors know that posture correction is effective as long as you continue to maintain a good posture. To ensure this, our specialists will:

•    Show you how to adjust your office chair and maintain a correct posture at the desk

•    Inquire about your sleeping position, the type of pillow and mattress you use, and make recommendations

•    Encourage you to exercise frequently, in order to maintain your muscles fit.

It takes daily exercise and dedication, but the results are worthwhile. You will enjoy better health and will not have to worry about back or neck pain.

In our clinic, we specialize in posture correction and we assist all our patients on their path to full health. We encourage you to book an initial appointment and find out how a chiropractor can help you!

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