Whiplash injury - Chronic Health Problems Such As Migraine and Insomnia Can Have Delayed Onset

Posted in Whiplash on Jul 20, 2020

One of the most common things we hear from patients in the consultation is " I've been chronically sick and I have no idea what started it".  There is a simple explanation for why most people who suffer from chronic health problems often have trouble tying it to a causative incident.  Typically the patient had a minor whiplash-type injury that seemed inconsequential at the time but is at the root of their chronic health problems.

Two reason whiplash injury can have a delayed onset:

We grow up in a medical system that diagnosis effects, treat effects, and is not in the business of locating causes and correcting them.   Therefore, our entire worldview is programmed to treat symptoms. If you have headaches you take Advil. If you have insomnia you take sleeping medication. If you are depressed you take a pill. We are NOT entrained to think in terms of causes. As a result, when symptoms arise we search for a way to treat the symptom not ask the question of what's the underlying cause and how do I correct it.

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In our office, we find that the onset of chronic symptoms is delayed from their causes.  Whiplash injury can be insidious. Often times whiplash injury does not develop chronic health problems for years following.  Since there is a delay in the onset of symptoms and the injury that caused it we do not connect the dots. And furthermore, in this country we have little education or awareness of how whiplash injury can lead to chronic health problems. Therefore there is no awareness that whiplash Injury could lead to chronic health issues.

Chronic Health Problems often Have No Obvious Cause

Many of our patients explain that they developed insomnia and migraine over time with no apparent cause. These patients often spend upwards of 10 000 dollars on mainstream health care. Unfortunately in the end, they are often told its all in your head, As a consequence, they are forced to look outside of the mainstream " health care system".  Many patients take a circuitous route In the health system before they land in an upper cervical health care office.  Many of our patients discover in the consultation that their injury started following a whiplash injury. They just never put two and two together. It often takes months or years after the injury for the patient to develop their health problems and as a result, they never connected the dots.

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The main thrust of this article is to bring awareness to the cause of many chronic health problems and to shed light on the fact that many people who suffer from chronic health problems have a delayed onset following whiplash injury. We will discuss how the neck relates to health and what you can do to recover your health through a drugless, natural health care procedure. 

Why is there a delay between trauma and chronic health problems?

Your body is a living, breathing, self-healing entity. It is constantly adapting to changes in the external and internal environment. Everything you put into your body, every thought you have, and every external stressor you encounter play a roll in your health outcome.

What is the controlling factor in your body's ability to adapt to stress? YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM. Your central nervous system is responsible for the function of every cell in your body from birth to death.  Your nervous system is housed by 24 vertebrae, and your brain is housed by your skull.  Trauma to the body can cause structural injury and compromise your central nervous system.

The most likely area that your spine can be injured is your skull neck junction. Your head weighs 10-12 pounds and it rests on a two-ounce bone called your atlas. Injury and subsequent misalignment of this region compromise your central nervous system.  However, even when trauma occurs, your body's inner wisdom does all it can to keep you as well as possible.

If trauma occurs that significantly impacts your nervous system, over TIME it takes its toll. Your body will try to heal and adapt to the best of its ability, but if it is compromised to an extent that your body is unable to adapt, chronic health issues develop. And they develop over time and it can be tough to tell what the cause is when you have no prior awareness to the fact that spinal trauma can cause long term chronic health issues.

What can you do about chronic health issues?

Correct the cause! Our country spends 22 percent of us GDP (gross domestic product) on health care. Over 95 percent of that expenditure is spent on treating symptoms and diseases not on promoting health and healing. In fact, Americans take 70 percent of the world's medications and is only 5 percent of the world population. While we need medications, surgeries, and other medical procedures, their ability to get you well is outside of their job description. If you want to get truly well you need to do things that support health. Healthy eating, rest, exercise, and in this author's opinion the upper cervical spine is the most under-recognized and underutilized health and wellness procedure today.

If you are sick, chronically sick, do yourself a favor and get to an upper cervical specific doctor asap.

What is Blair Upper Cervical Technique?

Blair Upper Cervical doctors are specially trained to locate spinal misalignments in the upper cervical spine and correct them. Spinal misalignment is located by running a battery of neurological tests that locate the spinal segments that have been injured and misaligned by a prior neck injury.

Once located, precision imaging in the form of digital x-ray or cone-beam computed tomography (Cbct) is used to precisely determine which joint has misaligned and the angulation of the misaligned joint. Each person’s anatomy is different and therefore imaging is used to uncover the blueprint to be used to correct each patient’s individual misalignment pattern.

Once this information is gleaned, a gentle, light correction is made without twisting, popping, or pulling. The patient is then monitored over time to ensure that the correction is holding. If the testing indicates the need for another correction, then it is performed. However, the goal of Blair Upper Cervical Care is for the patient to stay in “adjustment”.

It isn’t the correction that produces healing. It is the removal of nerve irritation and the adjustment “holding” in its normal position that allows the body to function better and proceed through a healing process. This is how Blair Chiropractic treatment can often help remove the underlying cause of many who suffer from Vertigo, dizziness, neck pain, headaches, and other chronic health problems by supporting the body in healing itself.

If you are searching for A natural health procedure near you and you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area we can be reached at 925 846-3357.

If you are outside of the San Francisco Bay Area you can call our number and we would be happy to find someone in your locale that can help! We hope that this article finds those suffering and will shed some light on how to naturally recover from ill-health. " Nature needs no help just no interference".  Remove the cause and healing occurs. These are the mottos of Blair upper cervical care. Be well!

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