Reasons to Take Your Teen to a Chiropractor

Posted in Health Conditions on Aug 12, 2022

Anyone who has teenage children knows how difficult it is to communicate with them and assess their state of health and wellbeing. They hide behind phone screens, use strange acronyms like YOLO and FOMO and you are not sure if they are happy and healthy or not. Unfortunately, teens are very awkward at expressing their needs and health issues. This is why you should be proactive and take your teen to a chiropractor for regular check-ups.

Why do Teens Need Chiropractic?

We like to believe that our teens are mini-gods. Young, full of energy, with all the life ahead of them, and really unstoppable. They can be like that, with proper care for their health. A chiropractor is the best healthcare provider for a teenager during their growth spurt. You know the moment: now they are sweet, playful kids, and overnight they are awkward, tall, and gangly all elbows and knees.

Unfortunately, many things can go wrong during the final growth phase of the teenage years. And the modern lifestyle teens have always bent over a laptop or the smartphone poses an additional risk to their healthy development. This is the main reason why you should take your teen to a chiropractor at our clinic. There are also more pressing reasons, which we will discuss in this article.

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The Growing Pains Can Be Severe

Teens are not free from pain. Even if they do not manage to injure themselves while riding an e-scooter or playing sports at high school, they experience the so-called growing pains. This is not just a phrase. Some teenagers, especially those who seem to grow up overnight, are in real pain in their muscles, bones, and joints. This is a very good reason to take your teen to a chiropractor. Our doctors know how to help teenagers find relief from growing pains, make sure that their spine and joints are properly aligned and teach them how to get used to their new body.

Many Teens Have Poor Posture Issues

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As we explained above, the constant use of smartphones is not healthy for teens. We are not discussing there their addiction to gadgets, but the fact that keeping their head bent over creates serious posture problems. Many children and teens already have the tech neck – an unnatural curvature of the neck that creates strains on the muscle, vertebrae misalignment and, in time, leads to chronic upper back pain and headaches. This is why it is a good idea to take your teen to a chiropractor to correct this issue from its incipient stage.

Many Teenagers Suffer from Back Pain

We tend to associate back pain with growing older and grunting when you stand up from a chair. Unfortunately, this is a health issue that can affect all age groups – including teenagers. Apart from poor posture, anxiety can be a major cause of back pain. And teens are extremely anxious. They are unprepared for the changes in their body. They want to be liked, to be popular with their group of friends. They start developing the first feelings of love and attraction. It is a terrible physical, hormonal and emotional roller-coaster. A chiropractor can help your teen get rid of back pain naturally and safely, as well as give them helpful tips to reduce anxiety and be more confident.

Teens Are Prone to Get Injured

We live in the era of social media challenges and some of them can be dangerous. We know you are trying your best to keep your teen safe, but they will do some silly things for likes and comments on their social media profiles. And they may suffer some injuries. Chiropractic is a great way of helping your fearless daredevil recover from sprains, pulled muscles, and other similar injuries without resorting to pills and invasive procedures.

Your teen may not be great at communicating their pains and discomforts, but our doctors know how to talk to them. Bring your teen to a chiropractor at our clinic and give them the best start in their adult life!

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