Preventive Chiropractic – Why Should You Consider It?

Posted in Health Conditions on Jul 22, 2022

Every year, you go to your doctor to do blood tests, perform an EKG, and other tests to ensure that your vital organs are healthy and there are no diseases threatening you. But there is more to health. Few doctors will check if your joints are working properly or if your nervous system functions as it should. The only way of knowing that you are, indeed, healthy is by scheduling preventive chiropractic appointments with one of our doctors.

Why Preventive Chiropractic?

Many conditions and types of pain we treat are chronic. This means that they develop over time, as a result of overuse of a part of the body. They are also caused by ignoring the nagging pain that appears now and then, overlooking the sensation of numbness or tingling, and taking over-the-counter pills for various symptoms.

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In reality, these conditions are not just temporary or going away with pills. They remain hidden and they continue to advance and erode your health. Finally, you are unable to ignore the pain and you go to a chiropractor for adjustments. Imagine having the opportunity to prevent a condition from becoming chronic. This is possible – by considering preventive chiropractic as part of your annual healthcare check-ups.

The Benefits of Preventive Care in Chiropractic

Chiropractors are trained to notice the slightest problems with your spine and joints. You may not feel any specific symptoms, but the chiropractor can notice:

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•    Misaligned vertebrae - C1, C2 vertebrae misalignment 

•    Poor posture - tracing your neck, shoulders, and back

•    Incorrect gait - movement to use to walk or run 

•    Weak muscles - decreased strength and compromised ability

•    Undue pressure on various joints.

Thus, the chiropractor can correct these issues before they become severe, requiring several appointments over weeks or months. We believe that preventive chiropractic can:

1. Encourage a Healthy Development in Children

At the present, the highest risk for children from a chiropractor’s point of view is the development of the text neck. This is an unnatural curvature in the cervical spine. It is caused by bending the head over a mobile phone screen for a long period of time on a daily basis. Through preventive chiropractic, we can correct the first signs of text neck and make sure that parents learn how to supervise their children when they use tech devices and ensure that they maintain a correct posture.

2. Avoid the Need to Take Sick Leave

Did you know that, at a global level, back pain is the number one reason why employees need sick leave? In the US, only a few companies offer paid sick leave to their workers. In most cases, no work means no paycheck. And this can be crippling for many families.

Going to a chiropractor for preventive care can solve spine misalignments or even incompletely healed injuries. Thus, you can resolve acute back pain faster and prevent the onset of chronic back pain.

3. Reduce the Risk of Injuries

Many sports or work-related injuries are caused by poor posture when performing physical activities, especially lifting heavy objects. An incorrect posture will put too much pressure on one side of the body, affecting the muscles and joints on that side, especially the ankle, knee, and hip. Going to preventive chiropractic appointments can help you resolve this issue. The chiropractor will identify your poor posture and help you maintain a correct one. At the same time, the chiropractor will perform necessary adjustments and recommend exercises to strengthen the less used muscles.

4. Stay Fit and Active into Your Golden Years

Have you considered the future, after your retirement? How will you spend it? Pursuing hobbies, traveling, and having fun with your family or friends? Or sitting on the couch and watching TV? For many people, the second option is the only option because they feel too weak and frail to lead a more active life. Preventive chiropractic appointments over the years can help you stay active and enjoy your retirement and free time to the full. Your body will be in good shape and whenever you need help, our chiropractors will heal you without resorting to drugs or invasive procedures.

Our specialists wait for you to schedule your preventive chiropractic appointment. Call us and choose to stay healthy and active all your life in a safe and natural way!

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