Our Chiropractors Explain the Types of Headaches and How We Can Help

Posted in Head Disorder on Aug 19, 2022

When your head hurts, everything becomes blurred. You cannotfocus, your vision may become unclear, and you cannot eat or enjoya good joke – nothing is relevant anymore while your head ispounding with pain. Yet, it does not hurt in the same way all thetime and not even in the same area of your head. This is becausethere are several types of headaches. And our chiropractors knownot only why they happen, but also how to help you.

TheMost Common Types of Headaches

Firstof all, let us focus on the types of headaches that most of ourpatients complain of. They are:

1.Tension Headaches

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Thesetypes of headaches feel like a band tightening around your head andgiving you the sensation of your head being ready to burst. Thepain is dull, but you feel it all over your head and it can lastfor hours. In our experience,tension headaches are the result of stress, dehydration, and poorsleep. They are more frequent among office employees, who lead aless active life, have tight deadlines for projects, and often skipmeals. Our chiropractors can help you find relief from these typesof headaches with personalized therapies as well as advice to helpyou reduce stress and lead a healthier lifestyle.

2.Cluster Headaches

These headaches focus on specific parts of your head, in arepeating pattern that reoccurs for months. Some patients sufferfrom several cluster headaches each day, lasting between a fewminutes and a few hours. In general, these types of pains occurbehind the eyes. A stuffy nose is one of the factors favoring acluster headache, as well as alcohol and tobacco. Gentlemanipulations will help patients find relief from these headaches,together with our chiropractors’ advice to remove all stressors andrisk factors from their lifestyle.

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3. Migraine Headaches

These types of headaches are the worst of all. They caneffectively cripple a person, leaving them unable to get out of bedand perform the simplest tasks and chores around the house.Migraines manifest themselves as an intense throbbing pain that canlast up to three days. The patient becomes overly sensitive to allstimuli: light, sound, touch, and even taste. So far, researchershave found no specific cause for migraines. They believe thesetypes of headaches may be genetic but also triggered by certainfoods in some patients.

Chiropractic may help patients cope with migraine headaches byreducing the intensity of pain through specific therapies.

LessCommon Types of Headaches

Headaches haveseveral underlying causes, which doctors and chiropractors canpinpoint. These are:

1.Sinus Headaches

Allergies and sinus infections (including sinusitis) can givepatients a dull headache located above the nose, in the cheekbones,and along the eyebrow arches. Chiropractic is an excellent choicefor treating both these types of pain and the underlying cause.While allergies cannot be fully treated, patients who come to ourclinic say that their symptoms are milder and far less frequent. Asfor sinusitis, chiropractors can help drain the fluid buildup inthe sinuses, resolve the inflammation and restore the properfunctioning of the sinus tissues.

2. Exertion Headaches

Too much and too intense exercising can give you a headache. Itis a short and throbbing headache, which will go away quickly, butin some cases, it can last for a day. Our chiropractors will teachyou how to exercise properly, paying attention to warming up,correct gait and posture, and cooling down.

Our specialists will also give you a check-up to make sure thatyour intense physical activity has not caused joint misalignmentsor wear and tear in your muscles and ligaments, includingcompartment syndrome, bursitis, and tennis elbow.

3. Hormone Headaches

These types of headaches affect women during certain periods ofthe month, such as on ovulation and period days. Our chiropractorsknow that the hormonal system is directly controlled by the nervoussystem. Thus, spinal adjustments can help women experience lesspainful and heavy periods, as well as reduce the frequency ofhormone headaches.

Our chiropractors can help you find relief from different typesof headaches in a safe and non-invasive manner. Call our clinic nowto schedule an appointment!

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