Does Chiropractic for Sinus Problems Work?

Posted in Head Disorder on Jun 3, 2022

Sinus problems are extremely annoying, even when they occur for a short time. Most of us suffer from a stuffy or runny nose when we have a cold, or in spring as a reaction to the pollen in the air. However, for some people, sinusitis – the most common form of sinus problem – is a constant issue. They are using every nasal spray on the market and other over the counter drugs, but to no avail. Our recommendation is to come to our clinic and try chiropractic for sinus problems.

Why Do We Have Sinus Problems?

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The sinuses are our first line of protection against contaminants when we breathe. They are cavities in our facial bones, lined with a membrane that secretes mucus. This sticky mucus retains dust, pollen and other tiny particles in the air.

In some cases, the membrane of the sinuses becomes inflamed. Thus, the mucus and the particles it retained cannot drain properly. At a point, the sinus becomes clogged and you cannot breathe in and out properly. Moreover, the build-up generates pressure, which can be felt along the sinus pathways – at the upper part of the nose and along the line of the eyebrows.

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What Is Chronic Sinusitis?

In most cases, sinus inflammation recedes on its own. In a matter of days, the lining of the sinus is no longer inflamed and drains the mucus properly. However, in some cases this inflammation persists.

If you have runny or stuffy nose for at least three months, with no signs of improvement despite all treatments, you are likely suffering from chronic sinusitis. This condition should not be left untreated. The inflammation most likely developed into an infection which can spread to the membrane surrounding your brain and spine and to the eye socket.

A chiropractor can help you find relief from chronic sinusitis without taking medication and without performing invasive procedures.

What Does Chiropractic for Sinus Problems Involve?

There are several underlying causes behind your sinus problems. Your condition may be triggered by other issues, such as a misalignment in the vertebrae of your neck. Moreover, people who suffer from hay fever and other seasonal allergies can use chiropractic for sinus problems as preventive care at the beginning of spring or just before they know their allergies are usually triggered.

In many cases, chiropractors will perform sinus adjustments, solving blockages and improving the ability of your sinuses to drain mucus. This is a very precise technique and is 100% safe and painless. Many people have doubts about having the bones in their face adjusted, but there is no need to worry.

Our chiropractors are extremely experienced and will take the time to explain the procedure to you, if you need further clarifications. You should not believe everything you read about chiropractic – especially the spine popping and cracking stories. Chiropractic is a precise and well established form of healthcare, which involves years of training followed by certification, just like in the case of Western medicine physicians and nurses.

Chiropractors Can Help You Prevent Sinus Problems

A chiropractor’s goal is to heal the entire person and prevent further health problems. This includes determining risk factors, such as:

•    Smoking

•    Having poor indoor air quality

•    Inadequate hygiene

•    Diet (some foods can have a negative impact on your sinuses).

In this case, one of the elements of chiropractic for sinus problems is helping the patient adjust their lifestyle and eliminate all these risk factors. Once you have created a healthy environment at home and you breathe clean air, you will notice that your sinus problems do not come back or are milder during the allergy season.

We specialize in chiropractic for sinus problem in several cases, including chronic sinusitis and allergy triggered sinus problems. We encourage you to call our clinic and book an evaluation appointment with one of our chiropractors!

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