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Dr. Thomas Forest and Dr. Jack Truong are Pleasanton Chiropractors who serve patients from Alamo, Concord, Danville, Dublin, Livermore, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon, Tracy, Walnut Creek.


Chiropractic is an Essential Healthcare Service during the Shelter in Place order.

To All of our Patients:
The Alameda County Health Officer issued a Shelter in Place order starting tomorrow. According to the legal order it states that visiting a health care professional is considered an essential task which means it is allowed. That being said, we want to ask that anyone exhibiting symptoms of being sick, or if you fall into the category of having a pre-existing condition that puts you at a higher risk of getting the virus to stay home until the shelter in place order is lifted. For everyone's protection, all surfaces of the adjusting tables, graphing chair face support and handles of that chair, hand rails in the adjusting room and door knobs are being wiped down between every patient. We have the circulating fan of the heating and air conditioning unit running at all times to keep the air moving.

We have left all scheduled appointments in place. If you want to schedule or re-schedule an appointment, we do ask that you call the office so that we can know how to plan for each day. 

At present there are no drugs, natural remedies or alternative therapies that have been tested and reviewed to meet any evidence-based standard for the treatment of this virus. We do each have to seek our own pathways to health and well-being. For millions of Americans, that pathway includes regular chiropractic care. We all wish all of you the very best of health during this challenging time.

Dr. Forest, Dr. Truong and the Staff at Forest Chiropractic

The Upper Cervical Difference

Many people view Chiropractic as a method of treating certain symptoms, such as back and neck pain, headaches, numbness, asthma, etc. All symptoms, however, are EFFECTS which must have a CAUSE and the true objective of Upper Cervical Chiropractic is to locate and correct that cause.

In doing that, the symptoms will usually go away due to the natural process of healing that occurs when the nerve interference is removed. It is important to note, too, that the symptoms are only the 'tip of the iceberg" and indicate some type of unhealthy state within the body-simply treating the symptoms does nothing to make the body healthier.

The Upper Cervical Care difference - here is what happens

The brain and spinal cord make up the Central Nervous System, which controls and coordinates all body functions. Neurons in the brain send low voltage electrical impulses to all body cells. The nerves act as electrical "wires" to carry messages; "motor' nerves carrying messages from the brain to body cells, and 'sensory' nerves informing the brain of the body's condition and external stimuli.

If the brain to body communication is unimpeded, HEALTH is the natural result. But a misalignment can impede the electrical flow, causing dysfunction that will ultimately produce pain and disease.

The goal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic is to locate and correct these misalignments to allow the Brain to Body Communication to restore and maintain health.

The chief problem area is in the upper neck where the skull attaches to the spine. In this area, a vertebra called the atlas can misalign and press on the spinal cord as it exits from the skull. Since all nerves going down the spine and out to various parts of the body pass by this point, an atlas misalignment could affect any part of your body. Because the skull rests on the atlas, the balance of your entire spine depends on the normal fitting of these two structures. Therefore, when the atlas misaligns, it puts pressure on the spinal cord and affects the balance of your spine, producing pressure on spinal nerves in lower areas of the spine. The Upper Cervical method of spinal correction is aimed at restoring your atlas to its normal position.

One health and balance has been regained, spinal check-ups at regular intervals will assure the patient that harmful disease producing nerve interferences have not returned. Upper Cervical Chiropractic contributes to better Life, Health, Harmony, and Happiness. They all depend on the normal function of the nervous system. Once a person has experienced Upper Cervical Chiropractic and enjoyed the many benefits of this unique and natural health care choice, people are motivated to introduce their family and friends to this superior alternative.

THe upper vertebrae of the spine

What Makes the Blair Technique One of the Most Effective Methods of Chiropractic?

The top two vertebrae of the spine, the atlas, and the axis are the only vertebrae in the body that do not have a means to be self-correcting. This is because the muscles which control the position of these two vertebrae receive their nerve supply from nerves which pass down through the atlas and axis and then to the muscles providing them with movement and support.

Vertebrae below this level have the means of self-correction in that they receive nerve supply to the muscles surrounding and supporting them from above as well as below. This provides the means for the rest of the spine to be self-correcting if the atlas and axis are not causing nerve pressure. It also means that if the atlas or axis are causing pressure, the muscles surrounding and supporting the rest of the spine cannot function normally.


In other words, changes that take place in other sections of the body merely represent how the body has been forced to adapt to a neck injury. Rather than repeatedly manipulating a misaligned hip only to have it slip out days later, the Upper Cervical correction allows the body to reposition the hip to its natural position with the proper sequence and speed, thus the hip stays corrected more permanently.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame and in the cause and prevention of disease." - Thomas A. Edison

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